CAD Valve Library by GESTRA

To help you with your planning, we provide three-dimensional libraries (STP) of our products.

Please contact us for availability of other formats or types.
A2Type of actuator (pneumatic)
AP102Type of actuator (electric)
AVFloat lifting lever (for float trap)
BType of raised face B (cast flanges)
B1Type of raised face B1 (steel flanges)
B2Type of raised face B2 (steel flanges)
CL150Nominal pressure class 150
DNNominal size
DraufTop view
FL-ASMEFlanged to ASME
FL-ENFlanged to EN
GLK-32676Hinged clamp DIN 32676
GM-ISO-GScrewed sockets to EN ISO 228-1, Gtype thread
GM-NPTScrewed sockets, NPT thread, (America, tapered)
HandManual operation
IP127-SRD-FRSType of actuator (pneumactic), accessory for positioner
MblDimension drawing, not true to scale, for print out ISO A4
PNNominal pressure
pn-N2Type of acutator (pneumatic)
pn-N3Type of acutator (pneumatic)
RanRear view
RFEnd flange facing: Raised Face (ASME)
R-LDirection of flow right-left (float trap)
RSE-3239-2-R3-KZ22Butt-weld ends via transition pieces - standard - design
SanLLeft side view
SanRRight side view
SE-3239-2-R3-KZ22Butt-weld ends - standard - dimension - design
SE-3239-2-R6-KZ22Butt-weld ends - standard - dimension - design
SE-3239-R5-KZ22Butt-weld ends - standard - dimension - design
SE-Sched80Butt-weld ends to Schedule 80 (ASME)
SE-UeM-10460Butt-weld ends - union nut from carbon steel 1.0460
SHSightglass cover (UNA 23)
SMSocket-weld ends
UCUniversal connector (swivel connector)
UntBottom view
VanFront view