Calculating steam, condensate and pipeline parameters

Unit conversion

Conversions: Pressure (bar, psi, Pa)
Conversions: Temperature (°C, °F, Kelvin)
Conversions: Length (Meter, Inch, Foot, Yard, Mile, Naut. Mile)
Conversions: Mass (Kilogramm, Pound)
Conversions: Volume (Liter, in³, ft³, gallon GB, gallon USA)
Conversions: Power (Watt, BTU/h, HP, kJ/h)
Conversions: Specific Volume (m³/kg, ft³/lb)
Conversions: Heat (kJ, BTU)
Conversions: Specific heat (kj/kgK, BTU/lb°F)
Conversions: Enthalpy (kJ/kg, BTU/lb)

Steam parameter

Saturated steam table (0.1 - 221.2 bar)
Superheated Steam — Specific volume and density
Degree of superheat — Pressure reduction by saturated steam
Superheated steam behind the valve?
Amount of flash steam, DN behind trap
Cooling-water injection flowrate for desuperheater
Loss of saturated steam due to faulty steamtrap/valve or hole in pipe, back pressure 1 bar(a)
Pressure-reducing station for saturated steam: Required blow-off capacity of safety valve

Condensate quantity

Condensate formed in a saturated steam heated heat exchanger
Condensate flowrate in steam pipe made from steel
Condensate from compressed air


Steam costs of saturated steam
Blowdown quantity and potential savings for steam boiler


Water density and specific volume 1-370°C
Equivalent water volume flowrate Vw (m³/h)


Flow velocities in pipelines — steam, liquids and gases
Pipe diameter DN — steam, liquids and gases
Flow rates in pipelines — steam, liquids and gases
Main pipe size equivalent to several individual pipes
Pressure drop in steam/water pipelines and valves
Pipe values: volume, shell surface, CSA, circumference


Kv-Values for Steam, Liquids and Gases
Conversion of operating m³ into standard m³ and vice versa
Conversion of volume flowrate into mass flowrate and vice versa — liquids and gases
Conversion of mass flow into volume flow and vice versa
Calculating Kv-value for cooling-watercontrol valve GESTRAMAT CW